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"Reed Campbell as Luther Billis sure knows how to win over an audience with his perfected comedic skills. Talk about impressive stage presence in numbers such as 'Bloody Mary,' 'There is Nothin' Like a Dame,' 'Bali Ha'I,' and where he stole the show with his hilarious dance skills in 'Honey Bun'..."


“Reed Campbell as Cookie McGee has to be one of the most talented character actors I’ve ever seen on stage."


“It's Reed Campbell's Cookie, however, who is the scene-stealer.Campbell has a presence on stage that demands to be seen and the deliverance of his lines mixed with his use of body language and space leaves one thinking he could be Jim Carrey and Danny Kaye's love child. Campbell is definitely the one to watch as his career unfolds."


"Reed Campbell is positively outstanding as Cheech...Campbell is an amazing talent who time and again wowed the crowd at the Playhouse."


"Campbell is wonderfully furtive and enigmatic as bodyguard Cheech...When Campbell breaks into song, his voice deeeep, gruff and rich, it takes the audience by surprise."


"If scene stealing was a crime then Reed Campbell (Cookie) would surely be convicted, even by the jury from the O.J trial...It’s not only the golden lines that makes Campbell shine, but also his exuberant facial expressions. From our seats in the upper level of the theater, Campbell spoke to us, without even saying a word."

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